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The Agony of defeat- TCU 23, Iowa State 37- Postgame analysis

TCU drunk, drove, slept, walked and fumbled their way to a loss.... The first of 2012.

Cooper Neill - Getty Images

HawkeyedFrog- The worst hurry up offense of all time? Quite possibly. Down two scores with seven minutes left, TCU marched down the field... very, very slowly. Five and a half minutes knocked off the clock to get TCU into the red zone, only for Boykin to throw his third interception of the game- TCU's second turnover inside the 20 and fifth of the day. What went wrong for TCU? Despite the new quarterback it was the same story for the TCU offense: Big plays, nice runs by receivers, and stupid turnovers. On defense the story remained the same from the SMU game- solid for the most part, allowed a few big plays and committed too many bonehead penalties, including back to back 15 yarders that let Iowa State go up 10 and totally change the momentum of the second half.

What to make of Boykin's first start? He was accurate for the most part, but indecisive and when he got out of his rhythm his throws were all over the place. All three of his interceptions were bad decisions, and choosing to force a throw through a defensive end instead of throwing it away or taking a sack ended up putting the game out of reach for the frogs. The running game actually came alive against a good Iowa State defense as both B.J. Catalon and Aundre Dean were able to find running room- only to be negated by Catalon's fumbling.

What does this mean for the rest of the season? I will be pessimistic when TCU goes to Waco next week as Baylor is a big play offense and, despite their weaknesses on defense I don't trust the offense not to implode. TCU will have trouble finding its way to six wins without Casey Pachall- who really should be suspended the remainder of the season.

If you're a glutton for punishment keep checking in on this post throughout the remainder of the evening as the rest of the Frogs O' War crew will be editing in their reactions as well.

FungoFrog:Ya, I wish I was wrong. I wish I didn't come into the game feeling like this team was just not there, not ready to win.

I wish this team didn't have 100 different problems, youth and inexperience being chief among them.

After Thursday's presidential debate I tweeted this...

TCU is now and has always been a weak front runner this year, today they got exposed. All those stupid turnovers came back to hurt, the defensive lapses came back to hurt, the last of an offensive line came back to hurt, and the lack of a dependable home crowd came back to hurt. (What, was it too cold this time?)

Losses like this hurt, I don't want to think about it. But, I know this... There is a very, very good chance TCU will not win another game this year.... That hurts even more.

This week, I lose two sports teams... I lost my Rangers, and we lost our TCU Horned Frogs...

Gary Patterson & Crew, prove me wrong, if you can.

Purple Wimple: While I'm not so down on the Frogs that I'll compare them to The Teleprompter, I am down enough to say it looks like they're reading someone else's script. Aviante Collins and Stansly Maponga-- rightly or wrongly-- draw far too much attention to themselves. Boykin's interceptions were not mishaps from good plays gone bad, but bad plays gone worse. This team has played like a bunch of freshmen since week two, and it finally showed on the scoreboard.

The defense was generally fantastic-- and that's the first time I've thought that all season. (Well, Grambling doesn't count.) Yes Josh Lenz beat Kevin White a couple times early, but that problem went away by halftime. If Stansly Maponga doesn't take two stupid penalties (one of which was b-o-g-u-s) to convert an ISU third down, this game is one touchdown closer. Subtract some bad luck, some bad ball security, and TCU would have been in this game. Thanks, D-- maybe the offense will match your growth later this season. I doubt it, but stranger things have happened.

I've been on the this team meme for a few weeks, and my worst fears about this team are coming true; bowl eligibility is now a long shot, which means Coach Patterson probably is not going to have 18 extra practices in December to try and grow this crew up.