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Overreaction Sunday: I Hate Losing

Why does TCU have to lose?

Cooper Neill - Getty Images

Four losses by TCU in the past four seasons, I am not accustomed to this losing stuff. Frog fans might need to get used to it though because TCU will be lucky to win two more games all season. Moral victories are for little kids, lets overreact.

  • Thanks Casey. Hope that Wednesday night out was worth it.
  • With that said, last time I checked, Casey never played defense and the defense was incredibly questionable at times. Especially the secondary.
  • Baylor will score 45+ on TCU, I won’t be surprised if West Virginia hangs 70 on us.
  • I am worried about being bowl eligible.
  • I think B.J. Catalon just fumbled again…Seriously…
  • Kevin White was just beat on another long pass play again…Seriously…
  • How about some more personal foul penalties? I would sure appreciate that.
  • Oberkrombie and Fitch is the best player on the team.
(Warning…these are overreactions. They aren’t meant to be taken seriously. Or are they? Which opinions are truths? You decide….)