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Keys to the Game: TCU @ West Virginia

The Frogs have a big test in front of them this week. It will not be easy trying to slow down the West Virginia offense, but TCU could have success matching up against the Mountaineers defense. Time to show the Frogs how to unlock a victory with this week’s Keys to the Game.

Contain Geno Smith: The West Virginia Offense has a lot of potent weapons, but the most crucial is Geno Smith. You aren’t going to shut him down completely, but you at least have to limit his big play potential. Keep him in the pocket.

Move Boykin Around: TCU needs to make Trevone Boykin more mobile. The Frogs should run more options and bootlegs to get Boykin out in space. Deuce Boogie’s ability to run is what makes him so dangerous. TCU needs to take advantage of his skill set.

Move the ball and score touchdowns: The West Virginia defense is pathetic. They are ranked 118th in the country in points allowed giving up 40 points per game. The TCU offense should have a field day against a defense that poor. Move the ball and don’t settle for field goals.

Protect the Football: If you don’t turn the ball over, you have a better chance at winning. When you turn the ball over multiple times, you normally lose. The Frogs must protect the football. You cannot give West Virginia extra possessions.

I really do not know what to expect from this football game. If TCU loses, I won’t be surprised. If TCU wins, I won’t be surprised. If Boykin plays up to his ability, I think the Frogs have a decent shot at pulling off the upset.