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FOW Picks: Week 10 (Nov. 1 - Nov. 3)

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

Chris Graythen

Oklahoma State, Kansas State

Fungo Frog: Oklahoma State 24, Kansas State 38: I am done picking against Kansas State, the team is simply too balanced on both sides of the ball. Man, talk about envy, they are the epitome of what TCU was in 2009, except they have a legit shot at the National Championship and we didn't.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma State 24, Kansas State 45- Kansas State continues its relentless march through the Big 12. Wes Lunt has a decent game, but the Cowboys can't run the ball and Collin Klein's crew keeps the Cowboy offense off the field with another highly efficient performance.

Angry Trey: Oklahoma State 24 , Kansas State 42- I think Oklahoma State can keep it close, but the Cowboys don't have the toughness to pull out a win over Kansas State. The Wildcats defense is tough only allowing 17 points per game. I think they show up with a big time performance.

Purple Wimple: Oklahoma State 18, Kansas State 45- K-State is smelling a chance to play Alabama for the whole ball of wax. Here is its last big statement game. Snyder silences another whole class of critics; Wildcats for the crystal football.

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma State 23, Kansas State 52- There's no reason for me to assume that Kansas State is slowing down any time soon. Collin Klein is the clear Heisman front runner, and his vastly improved passing game is supported by a ferocious running game (thanks to his own two legs, and John Hubert). Oklahoma State's defense successfully shut down the Frogs last week, but they were facing a redshirt freshman quarterback who 1) wasn't 100% and 2) was seemingly trying to do his best passing Tim Tebow impersonation.

Kansas, Baylor

Fungo Frog: Kansas 28, Baylor 14- Baylor hits a new low, and the always improving Kansas Jayhawks continue to climb the ladder. Waco burns this Saturday.

Hawkeyed Frog: Kansas 21, Baylor 32: Attack of the near miss, take two. Baylor comes out flat against the Jayhawks, and their defense is unable to shut down the run. Kansas' new quarterback has a career day against Baylor's shoddy secondary, but the Bears are too experienced to get trapped in this one.

Angry Trey: Kansas 24, Baylor 52- Although Kansas played better against Texas, I highly doubt they put back-to-back solid performances together. Also, Baylor has to play better at some point right? The Bears offense will be too much for Kansas to handle.

Purple Wimple: Kansas 35, Baylor 60- Few things make me happier than saying this about any Baylor game: it's irrelevant, worthless, not worth more time than it takes to write this sentence. Go Jayhawks, but they'll lose. Whatever.

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas 30, Baylor 35- Baylor was shut down by Iowa State last week in their fourth consecutive loss. It marked the second time this season the Bears have been held to less than 42 points, and I don't think Kansas' defense, as improved as they are, has the personnel to stop Terrance Williams and Tevin Reese from lightning them up. However, Baylor's defense is such a total dumpster fire that Kansas will be able to keep this game close.

Oklahoma, Iowa State

Fungo Frog: Oklahoma 21, Iowa State 12- Losing is a disease, but it seems Paul Rhodes has a way of willing his players to continue to fight for him despite the outcome. They fight hard this game, but lose.

Hawkeyed Frog: Oklahoma 27, Iowa State 28: Oklahoma looks back at Notre Dame and gets burned in Ames. They'll build a statue of Paul Rhoads if he stays after this season, as the Cyclones beat OU at home for the first time in the lifetime of any of our bloggers.

Angry Trey: Oklahoma 35, Iowa State 17- Oklahoma will not lose back-to-back games even though they have a tough road trip to Iowa State. The Sooners will rebound in a big way.

Purple Wimple: Oklahoma 32, Iowa State 18- This game will be closer than its final score indicates.

Jamie Plunkett: Oklahoma 28, Iowa State 10- I wouldn't call Oklahoma's loss to Notre Dame last week humiliating, but I do think it was a humbling experience for Bob Stoops and his team. They'll come out on fire this week, looking to stay in the hunt for a Big 12 title. Iowa State's defense is good, but their offense is not, and there's no stopping a team like OU that's out for blood.

Texas, Texas Tech

Fungo Frog: Texas 14, Texas Tech 48- Texas Tech looks good and is headed in the right direction. Texas looks worse and is going the way of TCU with freshman starting to pop up across the depth chart. Tech rolls in Lubbock.

Hawkeyed Frog: Texas 20, Texas Tech 52: There's blood in the water, despite Texas only having two losses. On the road in Lubbock the wheels come off the Bevo bandwagon in a big way, as Tuberville endears himself to the students and alums alike by running up the score on the longhorns inept defense. Mack Brown repeats "It is what it is" four more times in the following press conference, and receives the dreaded "vote of confidence" next week.

Angry Trey: Texas 28, Texas Tech 41- The struggles of the Longhorns will continue this weekend. Playing in Lubbock isn't easy even when you are playing well and Texas is far from playing good. The Red Raiders get the win and turn up the pressure on Mack Brown.

Purple Wimple: Texas 18, Texas Tech 35- MackDaddy's seat resumes its toasty temperature; the blue hairs in Austin that are funding BigMack's job security don't like losing, especially to those hicks in Lubbock.

Jamie Plunkett: Texas 31, Texas Tech 48- Tech scored first in their game against Kansas State, and kept it close for a half, before the Wildcats went off and outscored the Raiders 42-14 in the second half. Texas has struggled two weeks in a row, and needed a last second touchdown to beat Kansas. Let that soak in. This game will not be pleasant for Texas fans.

TCU, West Virginia

Fungo Frog: TCU 7, West Virginia 42- As I said earlier, losing is a disease that appears to be spreading at TCU. I don't believe the news about Boykin, he certainly will not be 100% and when you are rolling into West Virginia with the health that we have, heads are going to roll... Time to hit bottom folks, it's time.

Hawkeyed Frog: TCU 38, West Virginia 28- Someone is getting blown out in this one. West Virginia's offense is too good, but their defense is too bad. TCU's offense is hit and miss, but it's hit against bad defenses before, and West Virginia's is certainly bad. I don't have a lot of confidence in TCU being the one who's doing the blowing out, but I like TCU's defense against the West Virginia offense a lot more than I like the West Virginia defense's chances against TCU's offense.

Angry Trey: TCU 41, West Virginia 40- The Frogs bounce back and get a big road win to become bowl eligible. The TCU defense will slow down Geno Smith just enough to pull out a last minute victory on an Oberkrom field goal.

Purple Wimple: TCU 48, West Virginia 50- Another overtime heart breaker for the Frogs.

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 38, West Virginia 42- I find hope in two things. One, the Frogs are 5-0 in cold weather games since 2009 (as I wrote about yesterday), and the West Virginia defense allows 493 yards and 40 points a game. However, this game is in Morgantown and the ‘Eers are a strong 22-4 at home since 2009, and in that span, they haven't lost back to back home games. I think the Frogs offense gets going, but I'm not sure if it's enough.