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Offense gets blacked out: Kansas State 23, TCU 10 Postgame analysis

In front of an insane crowd TCU's defense stands tall, but offense and special teams cost the Frogs any chance of the upset

Boykin on his back will be the enduring image of this game.
Boykin on his back will be the enduring image of this game.
Ronald Martinez

HawkeyedFrog: This was not a particularly emotional loss for me, as it just seemed like we were never really in the game. The TCU defense played out of their minds after getting off to a mixed start, picking Klein off early, but then letting the likely Heisman winner hammer them on the ground repeatedly for a TD.

After that the defense did everything you could possibly want in this game, they just were hung out to dry repeatedly by the offense and special teams. Jaden Oberkrom went 1-2 on field goals, missing another one from the left hash terribly right, Deante' Gray finally got a shot to try and return another punt after an injury to Skye Dawson and muffed it terribly while doing his mind bogglingly stupid over the shoulder fielding and even TCU's MVP punter Ethan Perry hung the D out to dry once with an abysmal shank.

The TCU offense never got clicking, as apart from Matthew Tucker on the ground (good to have you back big man) the Frogs were not able to make anything happen with consistency. Trevone Boykin was put on his back six times, went out with an injury when he had finally been clicking, and threw a terrible pick just before the half. Finally in the absolute dregs of garbage time Brandon Carter beasts into the end zone to make the score look more respectable than it actually was.

What do you take from this loss? TCU's defense is going to be absolutely dominant next year, as everyone apart from Cain comes back. Kansas State is really good, and best of luck to them in getting their first national championship and Heisman trophy this season. And freshman kickers are too much in their head, I'll be looking forward to seeing both Oberkrom and Perry the next three seasons as they grow and blossom into hopefully all-American type players. On defense we can play with the best in the Big 12 already, on offense... please get healthy guys. Both physically and mentally, we can't have a season like this year on offense next year.

Purple Wimple: it was great to see Amon Carter filled to overflowing-- even if purple meant cheers for the wrong team. I saw nothing but great fansmanship all night, and actually enjoyed this loss quite a bit. I guess I have the disease.

I really enjoyed seeing so many young defensive linemen crash Collin Kleinsman's party. When Terrell Lathan blew through the line and almost disrupted a handoff, I couldn't help but think TCU will win this game next year. And that's about how I've felt all season-- losing 4 of the first 10 games is one thing, but losing them with 22 would-be two-deepers out, and with 16 (17?) true freshmen contributing is just not the worst thing in the world.

And then there's the offense. It's other-worldly bad. I'm off the Trey Boykin bandwagon. (Maybe he needs to toke it up like Casey?) Unless he improves a lot this offseason, I'm hoping Pachall is back. And let's not start with the Tyler Matthews talk-- he's a redshirt freshman next season. Haven't we had enough of that at quarterback for a season?

FungoFrog: I am done talking about TCU Football losses for this year.

This is not the year for TCU to be upsetting the best team in the country. In coming years, however, TCU will likely be the top team in the nation but that is a story for another time.

A lot of people are shitting on the offense, but I look at it this way: Boykin was maybe 50%, had mostly freshmen around him, and they were facing the best team in the country, SO WHAT DID YOU EXPECT?

I am sure it is a symptom of homerism just playing through the crowd, but everyone needs to remember who this team is: Good, but not great. And for each one of their flaws, they are amplified by inexperience and youth. Does that sound like a winning formula?

I think this team still has two more wins in it, Texas/Oklahoma/Bowl Opponent, but I find comfort tonight in this simple thought: This team is building the foundation, painfully at times, for a future that will be great. A little pain for years of greatness, that is the promise that allows me to sleep at night.

Keep tuned in to Frogs O' War as the rest of the Frogs O' War crew will edit in their thoughts on this game when they come. Time for a week off to get healthy and hopefully get a chance to beat Texas on Thanksgiving. Go Frogs.