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Bye Week Open Thread

The Frogs are off, but the games are still on! Stop by and chime in with your observations on whatever game you're watching.


Fungo should be around with the predictions soon, our apologies for the delay this week- they're definitely sent off though, so the Weekend Warzone will go ahead as scheduled.

The Frogs are taking some extra rest before the biggest game of the season to date: a Thanksgiving day showdown with the Texas Longhorns, but the rest of college football has a big week laid out in front of it (apart from the SEC, who are in action but still taking a week off). I'd recommend Ducks/Cardinal tonight, Ohio State/Wisconsin and Kansas State rolling over Baylor (because what's more fun to watch than Baylor getting blown out? Nothing). Drop by and share your thoughts as the game breaks, this is your open thread.