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FOW Weekend Picks, Week 12

Hawkeyed Frog:

Texas Tech 30 @ Oklahoma State 52: State gashes the Raiders repeatedly on the ground, setting them up to be pounded further through the air. Tech puts two touchdown drives together in both the first and fourth quarter, but get stymied in between and the end result is a beat down.

Oklahoma 34 @ West Virginia 35: Once more into the breach I go, as West Virginia knocks off a solid Oklahoma team to prevent their first Big 12 season from switching into total disaster mode. Geno Smith's final home game is a triumph as he and Tavon Austin rip the OU secondary repeatedly and a kickoff return TD after OU takes the lead seals the deal for the Mountaineers.

Iowa State 21 @ Kansas 24: Despite all evidence to the contrary... I've got a feeling about this one. Iowa State gets gashed on the ground as Kansas finally makes its breakthrough this season and picks up their first Big 12 win of the season after Jantz and Barnett both fail to do much.

Kansas State 52 @ Baylor 24: The Wildcats take a page out of the TCU book and grind the Baylor defense into dust, holding onto the ball for two thirds of the game and converting repeatedly on third downs. Klein has a fantastic 60 yard TD run where he runs over two Baylor defenders which goes down as his Heisman moment.

Angry Trey:
TxTech- 24 at Oklahoma St 36: Tech has lost two of their last three and needed overtime to beat Kansas at home. Oklahoma State is tough at home so I’ve got the Cowboys pulling out the win.

Oklahoma 41 at West Virginia 21: Talk about two teams going in opposite directions. West Virginia has lost four straight after fooling all of us into thinking they were actually title contenders. After a slow start for Oklahoma they have played better down the stretch and will control this game from start to finish.

Iowa State 24 at Kansas 21: Kansas will continue to come up short. Iowa State kicks a late FG to secure the victory.

Kansas State 40 at Baylor 17
: Baylor allows over 39 points per game. Collin Klein will have a field day against the Bears terrible defense. I don’t see the Baylor offense having much success either. This one will be over early.

Purple Wimple:

TxTech 17 at Oklahoma St 35: I think the Cowboys settle, emphatically, who’s the #3 in the conference (#4 if you’re of the opinion that Texas actually beat OSU with that bogus touchdown).

Oklahoma 55 at West Virginia 10: What do you get when Landry Jones and Co., on a roll, meet West Virginia’s defense? It’s lopsided, ugly, crimson and cream (but I repeat myself).

Iowa State 21 at Kansas 17: This will be the best Big12 game to watch this week, despite its low score. Here is where Iowa State makes its claim that Kansas really is the worst team in the Big12. Not that it’s getting very much argument on that point...

Kansas State 49 at Baylor 13: Terrence Williams scores a touchdown on a broken coverage by Kansas State, but otherwise it’s all KSU. And Baylor’s hopes for a bowl game shrink yet again. And Purple Wimple laughs at them.