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SBNation BlogPoll: FOW Ballot #12

Baylor fans celebrate knocking the Big 12 out of a second BCS berth.
Baylor fans celebrate knocking the Big 12 out of a second BCS berth.
Ronald Martinez

Undefeateds fall like dominoes, and here's how it shook up the Frogs o' War bloggers' ballots in the SBNation BlogPoll, week 11.

NOTE: there were several ties in the combined ballots, and the BlogPoll does not allow ties in its entry software. This week Alabama and Florida State tied for third in the FOW ballot, so I entered 'Bama below Florida State, for no better reason than my personal bias against the SEC-dominance narrative.

Kansas State, Ohio State, and Stanford tied for fifth on the FOW combined ballot. I entered K-State lowest, because it just lost to Baylor, for crying out loud, and probably cost the Big 12 a second BCS berth in the process. Thanks a lot, guys. And you made Baylor bowl-eligible, too. Cringe for humanity.

Louisville and Michigan tied for 19th, or something, but nobody cares. And Texas tied with Utah State (laugh for humanity!) and of course I entered Texas lower than the Aggies. No explanation needed.

Otherwise, the FOW ballot is pretty sensible, with a couple of exceptions. Some FOW bloggers like Florida a lot this year, which baffles me. At least the Gators aren't top-ten around here like they were last week, after needing a lucky break to beat a Sunbelt team.

Georgia is number two in the ballot, but ranks that high only in one individual ballot. Math is weird like that.

Oh yeah-- and Notre Dame was our bloggers' unanimous choice for top dog this week. Has there ever been a less dominant number one?