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Thanksgiving Picks: TCU at Texas

TCU heads down the road to face off against the Longhorns, and the FOW staff is here to make their picks.

TCU at Texas

Fungo Frog: TCU 10, Texas 16- I really want to pick the Horned Frogs, but I can't. Playing in DKR is hard, the hardest road trip for TCU this year. TCU is banged up, they are not 100%, Texas is hot and feeling confident, so it would take a masterful performance from the offense to get this done... And there is where I lose all hope. See you in Fort Worth in 2013, Longhorns.

Jamie Plunkett: TCU 20, Taxes 17- A close game throughout, the Frogs manage a late touchdown drive led by Matthew Tucker to knock off the Horns. Ash and Boykin both throw two picks, and generally look like they split a 40 pound turkey half an hour before kickoff. Texas' run defense continues to be abysmal, and the Frogs freshman can't wait to show UT up at home. I sprint onto the field in joyous celebration only to be bailed out of jail by my angry wife. It'll be a long ride home.

Purple Wimple: TCU 31, Texas 28- This game is close because of turnovers, but Legatron kicks the winning field goal with seconds left. Aundre Dean, Matt Tucker, and B.J. Catalon run all the crap over Texas, which is generally helpless against the Frogs' stout D. David Ash and Trey Boykin play about equally mehly.

Hawkeyed Frog: TCU 24, Texas 17- The Longhorns are going to be confident coming into this one, and TCU will build on its fantastic defensive performance against K-State, hammering David Ash repeatedly and causing Case McCoy to come in one more time this season, leading the Horns to a late touchdown and a tie game, only to have a 60+ yard Ladarius Brown touchdown pass put the Frogs over the top. TCU will be even on the turnover margin, and that will make all the difference in this one as only once does TCU give Texas an insanely short field. The Frog defense and punting game takes care of the rest. And perhaps most importantly, Oberkrom goes 1-1. Confidence booster!

Angry Trey: TCU 27, Texas 23- It is incredibly hard for me to pick this one. I lean more towards the Longhorns winning, but I refuse to pick them over TCU, so I am going with the Frogs in a close, tough fought game. Call me a homer, but I just can't do it. I think you see another classic performance from the TCU defense this week and the offensive line provides just enough time to allow Boykin to make some plays. A late interception by the defense will setup the game winning drive and the Frogs will prevail victorious. Fingers crossed. Go Frogs!