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TCU Horned Frogs 20, Texas Longhorns 13: Postgame analysis

The Frogs O' War crew shares their postgame thoughts after the Frogs pull off their biggest upset of the season

HawkeyedFrog: What a fantastic performance by TCU in this one. Apart from the decisions to try field goals on fourth and short in the red zone, which was met with mixed success, it's hard to find fault with the Frogs in any area of the game. However, Skye Dawson needs to be off the kickoff and punt return teams. Brandon Carter may not be as elusive and fast as Dawson, but he'll catch that ball every time and that's worth it to me after Dawson put another one on the turf today (though he did fall on it). Apart from that, TCU was masterful on defense, with Dread Vader (Verrett) leading the way in coverage as the 4-2-5 skunked the Longhorns attempts to pound the ball up the middle consistently.

David Ash and Case McCoy both took turns in looking awful, and the Frogs only gave up one TD (though the drive was a hair puller for the HawkeyedFamily). The offensive gameplan was similar to the Baylor game: Run the ball, own the clock, don't make mistakes and apart from one awful pick by Boykin the frogs enacted it with excellence.

Tucker and Dean both consistently picked up good gains on the ground, and while Catalon was useless for much of the game he had one long run which redeemed his repeated attempts to bounce outside, only to be hit for a loss. Boykin was efficient for the most part, converting on third down repeatedly with his legs and arm and making good decisions in the zone read game. I'll be looking forward to watching the game tape of this one, but here are some numbers for you to chew over.

Last time TCU beat UT in Austin: 1967
Total wins in Austin by TCU: 12, the most of any program
Yards per carry for TCU: 4.5
Yards per carry for UT: 2.6

That's dominance. And ten members of this defense are coming back next year. I can't wait.

Watch this post, as the rest of the Frogs O' War crew will drop by to edit in their takes. I see one of them editing even as I write the post, so check in soon!

Purple Wimple: Wow the Purple People Eaters are back. It was evident against Kansas State that this defense had begun to be the monster we all missed last season, and at times this season. But in Austin the monster's growl became a roar. If Devonte Fields is not the Big 12 freshman of the year, I'd like to see who is. If Jason Verrett and Elisha Olabode are not first-team Big 12 defensive backs, I'd like to see who is.

And the best part? They're all coming back next year (barring arrests for intoxication, drug dealing, or grade issues… jeez, it was nice when we didn't have to include this disclaimer). A defense like that wins, um…

Well, not championships if the offense packs up and goes home before the final whistle. All of the excitement and momentum that our defense generates is wasted when the offense goes NFL on us, and plays not to lose. You gotta wonder how that locker room sounds, near the boxes where the offensive players meet the defensive ones. How do they not get a little snippy?

But it was a win in Austin (first time since LBJ was the president) and suddenly the bowl situation looks a lot more Californian than it did during the big meal this afternoon. Holiday? Why not!

FungoFrog: There is actually a lot to NOT like about how TCU played again... But, we just beat Texas in Austin, there will be plenty of time for analysis... For now,


'Cause we just beat Texas, at Texas. Awesome.