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Monday Morning Quarterback: November 26th, 2012

The Frogs come out of Austin with a win and a stellar defensive performance, but not much else... We dissect the good and the bad today in our weekly Monday Morning Quarterback,

Hawkeyed Frog

TCU won at Texas. All of the other goods are just subdivisions of that one great four word sentence. TCU won at Texas. For those of us who are survivors of the SWC era, that is an unbelievable statement, but Gary Patterson's frogs are a very different beast than the frogs of the previous four(!) decades and such a result didn't feel unbelievable at all to those who watched the game. It felt... expected. This was no hanging tight and stealing a win against a better team, this was pillar to post dominance by a better team. Stansly Maponga and Devonte Fields had a magnificent performance, terrorizing both Ash and McCoy while the DTs and LBs shut down the longhorn running game after allowing some early success. The TCU offense did essentially what it did during the Baylor game, just not quite as effectively: Took an early lead, played conservatively and sat on the clock with the running game, so it's hard to be too upset with the play calling... for the most part. Matthew Tucker was excellent as he's ever been (since he returned to 100% anyway) and Boykin had an excellent day running the ball, and a fairly efficient one throwing it in limited opportunities.

There's conservative to limit mistakes, and then there's conservative that limits your chance to win. Third and one on the Texas 15? When Matthew Tucker and Aundre Dean have been great on the ground and you have an excellent running quarterback, why give to your speedster up the middle? Catalon is at his best working outside the tackles, not trying to power for a single yard. And then, fourth and two with a chance to go up 14-0 and really get the Texas crowd heading for the exits early you send out the shaky field goal unit? I know points are precious on the road, but you have a chance to put Texas out of the game on just your second offensive drive- you need to take it. Then you get an even more ideal situation: third and one on the Texas one. You try a quarterback sneak with a small and light QB, not giving your mobile QB the chance to do what he does best, and then sending out the uncertain kicking game once again on fourth and one. In a worst case scenario you have a Texas offense that you've been walloping on their own one, with Ash lined up in the shotgun. That's worth a lot more than three points to me, give it to Tucker up the gut and try and end the game.

Beating Texas at Texas may not help with this current recruiting season (it's pretty late in the game now), but being able to beat the conference's premier program at home is a big deal. Tech, Okie State and Baylor all had their shots at Texas this year, but TCU is the one who knocked off the big bull on the block. That will resonate with metroplex kids for years to come, as they watched this game on national television and saw TCU sit on the big bully(no pun intended) on the block. If 2013 is as good a year as I'm now expecting it could be, TCU may establish itself as one of the top tier destinations for Texan talent- and that will lead to a lot more big wins like this in the future.


The win and the defense, simple as that. The offense was atrocious, but we will get into that later. Mainly, I want to talk here about turnover differential, which was +3 this game. It isn't like we didn't make mistakes, Boykin did have a interception, but it was our ability to generate turnovers that was the deciding factor in the game. Texas had long drives into our red zone twice in the first half that only led to interceptions at the one yard line, deadening all momentum for the Horns. THIS, more than anything else, was the deciding factor in the game.

You have to give credit where it is due, starting with the defensive line... They got after the quarterback but more importantly they stayed in their zones and stopped the run consistently, forcing Texas to throw early and often. The secondary is also to be commended, they put together a phenomenal performance and I was incredibly impressed (again) with Jason Verrett who has come so, so far. That is a special group, which should be dynamically better (scary) in 2013.

The offense was awful folks. Fewer total yards, fewer first downs, and more penalties, not to mention our weekly Boykin turnover. It was ugly to watch, and I found myself wishing for the defense to get back on the field so I could be entertained, and apparently GP agreed. After the second half field goal, TCU rattled off four consecutive three and outs that netted us NEGATIVE YARDS. WTF? Everyone knows GP is conservative in these moments, but you can't be THAT conservative, how insulting.

Just when you thought this story was over, it comes back to bite you in 'da ass. Get ready everybody, you are going to start hearing Casey Pachall's name a whole lot more this year, and through until January, and it might just get ugly.

Listen, Trevone Boykin is going to be very good, but he isn't there yet. He needs time. Casey Pachall is an All American quarterback when his mind is right, and must be the quarterback of this team if it is to win a championship in 2013.

Yes, a Big 12 Championship is within reach in 2013 with Pachall at quarterback, but not Boykin.

And, for a lot of reasons, I believe 2013 has to be THE YEAR, not 2014. There will still be ample talent around for 2014 no doubt, the year when Boykin takes back the throne, but there is little doubt in my mind that Pachall will and should be back for 2013 when TCU is the sexy pick to win the Big 12.

The plain and simple reasoning is this: If Pachall hadn't removed himself from the equation, Gary was looking for a two game suspension. Instead, he took the higher road and followed Casey's lead, a result that effectively ended the 2012 season for TCU.

Now, Casey is out of rehab and back hanging around TCU. He will re-enroll in the spring and begin working out with the team, and will be at spring practice. Provided he stays clean, Gary Patterson will give him every single opportunity to win back that job, and just based on talent and experience you have to assume he will do so. I am sure Boykin will still get packages and plays, but I fully expect Casey to take back the reigns in 2013, and so should you.

Just get ready for the blowhards, they are prepping their typewriters as we speak.

Angry Trey

The Good

The defense was incredible. From the defensive line to the secondary, everyone played solid. This group has the potential to be very nasty next season. As long as the Frogs are committed to playing defense, they will have success in the Big 12.

Although Trevone Boykin was more of a bus driver in this game, I like how he played outside of the one interception. I was really impressed with his scrambling ability. I thought he had a lot better judgment on when to run versus when to throw.

I don’t think I can say enough about Jason Verrett. He was the player of the game in my opinion. All he does is shut receivers down. I hope he gets the opportunity to cover Kenny Stills this weekend.

The Bad

Yes, there were some things I would change, but I am not going to complain this week. TCU beat Texas. I am all smiles.

The Other

I will be interested to see what kind of effect this win has on recruiting.

The TV ratings are out. TCU/Texas got a 1.1 rating, compared to 2.4 for the Aggies-Longhorns last season.

If the Frogs can upset Oklahoma this week, that would be HUGE.