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Overnight Rumor Roundup: Patterson Offered $$ From Arkansas and Declined, Louisville to ACC

Louisville, not Connecticut, is headed to the ACC to replace Maryland. And, Arkansas is throwing big money around right now, even at Gary Patterson.


So, two big news notes to talk about this morning.

One, Louisville is headed to the ACC to replace the soon to be departed Maryland.

Gutsy move by the ACC, which has seemingly outflanked the Big 12 on two schools now: Notre Dame and Louisville.

Now it is back to the Big 12 to make a move, if they so chose. I don't know if Louisville is good enough to keep Florida State in place or not, we shall see.

But, the bigger news of the night came in the form of a tweet from our friends at Horned Frog Blitz.

If true, and we are inclined to believe it considering the authenticity of the guys reporting it, this is clearly not about money anymore. And, to add more to this pot, Stefan Stevenson of the FWST tweeted this yesterday...

So, if we are to assume that Gary Patterson was offered a 5 year deal at $6 Million per year ($30 Million total), and turned it down because he wasn't interested in coaching at Arkansas, it is safe to assume that he will turn down just about any money offer thrown his way until he gets one at the school he wants to be at?

That should be TCU, you would think.

It is about choice, and as I alluded to yesterday Gary has all the cards on the table now. He can get whatever dollar total he wants whenever he wants it, it is all about where HE wants to be. I am inclined to believe that place is TCU, but I am sure we will find out soon enough.

Another day, more rumors. Happy, happy, joy, joy.