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Keys to the Game: TCU vs. OU

TCU takes on Oklahoma Saturday at Amon Carter Stadium in their regular season finally. Both teams are coming off emotional wins and playing much better than they did early in the season. The Frogs can pull off another upset, but they will have to be close to perfect. Here are this week’s Keys to the Game.

Use the Texas Game Plan: The Frogs made an effort to establish the running game against Texas and it worked out great. TCU will have to make that same commitment this week against Oklahoma. The Sooners have allowed over 200 yards rushing in each of their last three games. West Virginia rushed for over 400 yards against this defense. If the Frogs offensive line controls the line of scrimmage, the Frogs will have success.

Rattle Landry Jones: A big part of this game comes down to how Landry Jones plays. In some games he looks like a first round draft pick, in others he has looked terrible. The Frogs need to create pressure and not give Jones time to survey the field.

Don’t allow OU receivers to have an impact: Oklahoma will complete passes, but the key is to not give up the big pass play down the field. The Sooners come into this game ranked fifth in the country in passing, averaging over 350 yards per game through the air.

Win the Turnover Battle: It has been pretty clear this season that when the Frogs win the turnover battle, they give themselves a better chance to win. Protect the football and do not give the Sooners extra opportunities.

Don’t Fall Behind Early: TCU had so much success last week because they controlled the game and had the lead. If the Frogs fall behind, it could force Boykin into more passing situations which will not benefit this offense.

I am very intrigued by this game on Saturday. Oklahoma is a good team and they are tough to beat. The Frogs have really started to come on strong as of late though. If TCU follows my Keys to the Game, another upset could be in the making.