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FOW Weekend Picks: Week 13 (11/29-12/1)

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

Hawkeyed Frog's Picks
Oklahoma State 45, Baylor 31

The Cowboys have the antidote to the revamped Baylor attack: Solid run defense, an opportunistic pass defense and an offense that the Bears will be unable to stop. Joseph Randle will run over and around the Baylor defense and the Cowboys will not be seriously threatened all game.

Kansas 17, West Virginia 43
Kansas had their shot at a win on an emotional senior day taken away by a suddenly effective Iowa State quarterbacking performance, and their one dimensional offense will be walking into Morgantown to face a West Virginia team that has rediscovered some of its offensive potential. Tavon Austin and Geno Smith give a senior day performance that leave Mountaineer fans mostly content going into bowl season. Let's hope the Pinstripe bowl takes them (or Iowa State).

Texas 24, Kansas State 45
Like picking Florida State to win the ACC, I'll pick Texas to beat Kansas State in Manhattan the year after they do it. Klein gives Heisman voters a bit more to consider as he scores six touchdowns, four on the ground and two through the air in a rout of Texas. The Longhorns get an inconsistent performance from McCoy at quarterback, as he alternates great play with terrible decisions after the Wildcats take a lead that forces UT to abandon the running game. Texas scores two TDs late in the game, but it's all over but the Tostitos being thrown on the field at that point.

Oklahoma 36, TCU 34
The Frogs offense hiccups give the OU offense some short field opportunities which spoil another gem of a performance by the TCU defense. OU is weary early, but TCU just can't put enough points on the board early to stave off the inevitable Sooner comeback. I'm not confident in this prediction, but it's where I am right now.

Angry Trey's Picks
Oklahoma State 42 v. Baylor 30
Although Oklahoma State lost to OU last week, I still think they are one of the best teams in the Big 12. It amazes me that they have so many quarterbacks who are capable of playing. Even though Baylor is coming off a win over Texas Tech, I still can't trust their defense to stop anyone.

Kansas 20 v. West Virginia 49
West Virginia finally got it back on track last week after losing five straight. I am curious to see if Kansas even puts up a fight or if they have already packed it in for the season. WVU will dominate this game.

Texas 20 v. Kansas State 35
Kansas State owns the Longhorns. The Wildcats have won four straight against Texas and that trend will continue this weekend. Will a loss against KSU be the final nail in Mack Brown's coffin?

TCU 27 v. Oklahoma 24
My heart is telling me the Frogs win. My head is telling me to slow down. It is hard for me to pick against the Frogs so I am taking TCU in this one. I think the defense will continue to have success and the secondary will be able to slow down the Oklahoma passing game.

Oklahoma State 28 v. Baylor 30
I see Baylor winning here, mainly because I can't see this ubsurd Oklahoma State backup quarterback play continuing... Seriously, nobody has four quarterbacks that can all play that well, this is dumb. Baylor wins, Briles is headed to Arkansas.

Kansas 17 v. West Virginia 30
Kansas losses... The end.

Texas 7 v. Kansas State 48
The wheels are off in Austin, and the Wildcats are looking for a big time blowout to jump into the thick of the BCS standings... A loss would be devastating for K-State, so I expect them to overplay here and blow out the Horns, who will literally descend into chaos approximately 24 hours after this loss.

TCU 18 v. Oklahoma 24
TCU is going to come close, and they might win, but I can't see it. Oklahoma is just too good, and we play like total poop at home. The home crowd doesn't show up for TCU in this one, they leave too early when TCU gets down going into halftime, and Gary starts to think to himself....... HMMMMMMMM.......

Now I am sad thinking about this....

Jamie Plunkett

Oklahoma State 52, Baylor 45

Baylor is starting to pick up steam, after knocking of Kansas State and coming from behind to beat Texas Tech. I think their luck runs out here though, as OSU is no doubt upset about blowing it against Oklahoma. This is another shootout between two great offenses, and the Pokes come out on top.

Kansas 7, West Virginia 45

Kansas…. Poor poor Kansas.

Texas 10, Kansas State 38

Kansas State has had two weeks to think about what they did down in Waco. You have got to believe that they’re going to come out pissed, and they’ll want to ensure that they lock up their spot in a BCS game. Meanwhile, Texas is still reeling, and a poor performance here may be the death knell for ol’ Mack Brown.

Oklahoma 20, TCU 24
The TCU running game is on a whole other level right now, as is their defense. The Frogs front four manages to rattle Landry Jones, resulting in three picks, by the secondary. He still manages to connect with Kenny Stills for two touchdowns, but a last minute touchdown catch from LaDarius Brown seals this one for the good guys.