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TCU Horned Frogs (5-3, 2-3) at West Virginia Mountaineers (5-2, 2-2) Gamethread

The Frogs head to Morgantown for the first time in school history as both teams look to break two game losing streaks.

Tom Pennington

Bowl eligibility is once again on the line as TCU heads up to Morgantown for the first time to take on the West Virginia Mountaineers. TCU's offense has struck first in each of the last two games, but has been unable to keep that momentum going throughout the game, which West Virginia's high powered offense has been stymied by consecutive opponents and will be looking to make the big break through after a bye. If you're a fan of the transitive property (which is generally useless in football, sadly) you can figure that TCU should win this game: Tech pummeled West Virginia in Lubbock but needed 3 OTs and several breaks to beat TCU in Fort Worth, Baylor gave the Mountaineers all they could handle in falling to the Mountaineers by 7 in Morgantown, while the Bears were absolutely blasted by the Horned Frogs in Waco. That means TCU should win, right? Maybe, but it's hard to feel confident after the massive egg the offense laid in Stillwater last week. Whatever happens in this one, be prepared for points to fly up the scoreboard. Both TCU and West Virginia need this one to turn things around for what promised to be excellent Big 12 debut seasons, so of course there's only one thing left to do.

Let's beat the hell out of 'em.

Go Frogs.