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TCU 39, West Virginia 38 (2OT) Postgame Analysis

The Frogs O' War crew comments as TCU pulls out the win in Morgantown in the second Overtime. What went right? What went wrong? Why do we still ask questions like that after a win?

Josh Boyce is the man.
Josh Boyce is the man.
Justin K. Aller

HawkeyedFrog: TCU on the road goes for two and Josh Boyce makes a hell of a grab for the conversion.

Sound familiar to anyone else?

After a frustrating game, where the delayed handoffs up the middle brought the Frogs absolutely nothing and the Frog defense flummoxed Geno Smith throughout, it was of all things a trick play that brought the scoring to a close. West Virginia, like Oklahoma State last week, had great success at getting to Boykin and forcing him out of the pocket or to throw early and capitalized on a muffed punt by Skye Dawson to get their offense going after it struggled time and time again. And yet, on a day where nothing else was working with consistency with the exception of handoffs to Dean (can he please get some more carries in the red zone?) and Boykin hoofing it, the great consistency of Josh Boyce came through in a huge way as he made electrifying catches and fantastic yards after the catch, ending up with two touchdowns as well as the longest offensive play of the year to get us to overtime in the first place.

On the whole the defense absolutely smothered the West Virginia offense for most of the game, with the exception of Tavon Austin. Color me unimpressed with Geno Smith, as for the third consecutive game the former Heisman frontrunner made a large number of terrible throws, and the only way he really hurt the Frogs with consistency was when frogs slid off of him in the backfield and he ran upfield for key first downs. And about Tavon Austin... I sure am glad he's graduating this year.

Keep checking in as the rest of the FoW crew will pop in to update this thread with their thoughts throughout the rest of the evening. Let's go bowling. Go Frogs.

Purple Wimple: Alright, everybody: come to Jesus, and face a dirty, sad, discouraging truth: TCU has a terrible offense. It's nice to know the coaches will have twenty extra practices with their young team to try and change that fact. But for now-- and probably through the remainder of 2012-- TCU has two dimensions, and offense ain't one of them.

Those other two dimensions, however, are good enough to keep the Frogs in it against bad teams. Thank goodness the Big 12 has a few of those.

Now let's sing praises to the job Chad Glasgow has done turning last year's backups into this year's outstanding secondary. These guys are so good they make good linebackers, when needed. Jason Verrett: I forgive you the touchdown to Stedman Bailey in overtime; you otherwise shut down a first round NFL receiver today. Elisha Olabode, Sam Carter, Chris Hackett, Derrick Kindred: hats off to you for facing some of the best pass attacks the country has to offer, and coming off conqueror. (Now about Oklahoma State...? We'll suspend judgment for another year.)

Bowl practices. Let's hope they're all Coach P is cracking them up to be.

FungoFrog: Let me just answer the question that PW just asked... No, those extra practices are not what they are cracked up to be. However, that one game likely is everything it is cracked up to be. Look, practice is practice... You can only run the same drill so many times, the true changes come from game expiereicnes, getting in the weight room and watching some film.

But, this win is bigger than just a bowl game. It cured the disease, and quieted the skeptics. Just as the Baylor game refocused the team on the task at hand, this game reminded this team of their potential and told them that they actually do still have something to play for this year.

Remember, 10 wins is still an option folks. The Frogs can win out, including the bowl game, and sit at ten games after all they have gone through. This, more than some extra practices, is what is at stake. For now, we are looking for one more point at home vs. Kansas State. Oh my.