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SBNation BlogPoll FOW Ballot

Jamie Squire

All five of FOW's bloggers participated in this week's ballot, which may explain some of the quirks in the week-by-week trends. Here's the finished product; commentary below.

What does a bye week gets Florida State, at Frogs o' War? A seven-spot jump in the rankings! Congratulations, Seminoles. And thanks for pointing that flaming spear away from us.

Also notable: Kansas State capitalizes on Alabama's poor showing for 58 minutes in Baton Rouge and sneaks into the top spot. This upset at the top of FOW's ballot has been brewing for a few weeks, as the Wildcats had been picking up first place votes from more and more of FOW's bloggers. Purple Wimple finally got off the NotreLame bandwagon and hopped aboard the SnyderBall Wagon this week, and that made all the difference.

Clemson and Stanford had otherworldly jumps in the rankings, and Oregon State and Ohio State fell, despite wins. If you're team can be called "OSU," it's bad luck around these parts, I guess.