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FOW Weekend Picks: Week 11 (11/8-11/10)

Every week, FOW will get out in front of the world and pick the weeks Big 12 games as well as TCU's contest of the week. Feel free to post your predictions and thoughts below and tear apart our opinions, it would be the only sensible thing to do.

Iowa State at Texas

FungoFrog: Iowa State 24, Texas 17- Do you hear it? That sound? The sound you are hearing is an angry, tired, worn out Longhorn fanbase who have just about had it with Mack Brown. This has happened before, with Greg Davis. Well, here we are again folks. Go ahead and start the clock, it is only a matter of time.

Angry Trey: Iowa State 21, Texas 31- The Longhorns continue to find ways to win despite being an average team. Iowa State has lost three of their last four, and I don't see them having much success in Austin.

Purple Wimple: Iowa State 17, Texas 35- Texas is rolling, and Iowa State is missing its best linebacker, and the Longhorns have a little revenge to exact from the Cyclones. After the game, Mack Brown will be so proud of his team.

Hawkeyed Frog: Iowa State 30, Texas 35- Texas succeeds in protecting this Darrel K. Royal house this time around, as the longhorns run their first play from the Wishbone and gain six yards- making Major Applewhite give serious thought to adopting the Bone full time. Iowa State leads late, but the spirit of Darrel K. Royal spurs the Longhorns on... at least until those cockroaches he loved to talk about come to town next week.

Jamie Plunkett: Iowa State 20, Texas 35 - Texas seemed to get things rolling a little bit last week against Texas Tech, thanks to some poor play calling by the Raiders, but also some good quarterback play from David Ash. It was arguably his best game against a conference opponent this season. Iowa State is struggling, having lost four out of their last six, and still hasn't gotten consistent quarterback play. Texas will eclipse the eight win mark for the first time since 2009, when they lost the national championship at the hands of Alabama.

Kansas at Texas Tech

FungoFrog: Kansas 17, Texas Tech 42- Tech is good, Kansas is not... Why do I even have to write this much about this game, throw it away.

Angry Trey: Kansas 20, Texas Tech 45- What can I say about this one? Kansas has lost eight straight, make it nine after this weekend. The Jayhawks have been blown out pretty much every time they have gone on the road this season.

Purple Wimple: Kansas 11, Texas Tech 51- I don't know exactly how Kansas will end up with 11 points, but they will. And they'll be the most meaningless eleven points scored all season. Texas Tech is going to add an exclamation point to Kansasians' question, "Why did we hire this guy?!" (A question the rest of the country has been asking for almost a year now.)

Hawkeyed Frog: Kansas 14, Texas Tech 52- Kansas has been able to run on just about everyone, the issues for the Hawks have come when teams have scored early and forced them to throw to try to keep up. Tech takes a two score lead early and is able to ride three KU turnovers into a blowout. Despite the turmoil going on in Pullman, half of the fans watching the game would still trade Tubs for Leach in the blink of an eye.

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas 17, Texas Tech 52 - the Raiders are probably kicking themselves for losing to UT in Lubbock, and this is the perfect next week opponent to take it out on. Sorry Kansas.

West Virginia at Oklahoma State

FungoFrog: West Virginia 20, Oklahoma State 23- Final score looks close, but the action on the field won't be. Ultimately, Oklahoma State is the better team playing at home and will find a way.

Angry Trey: West Virginia 31, Oklahoma State 48- The troubles for West Virginia will continue this weekend. Their defense is atrocious so I fully expect Oklahoma State to have a field day.

Purple Wimple: West Virginia 35, Oklahoma State 38- Although West Virginia's nation's-worst pass defense actually looked pretty good when TCU came to town, it's going to look pretty bad again in Stillwater. And Stedmon Bailey is going to find a little of his mojo, in a furious come-back attempt that will fall three points shy. Tavon Austin will actually shoot fire out of his armpits in a special teams score.

Hawkeyed Frog: West Virginia 42, Oklahoma State 38- Yes, we beat West Virginia and lost to OSU. This is a different matchup though, as the Mountaineer defense comes out feeling confident in its abilities after a solid performance against TCU last week, further boosted by the fact that this is the offense that they see every day in practice. Dana Holgorsen shows that just because he taught Oklahoma State everything it knows about the air raid doesn't mean that he taught them everything he knows about it. West Virginia in the upset.

Jamie Plunkett: West Virginia 24, Oklahoma State 42 - Oklahoma State score more against Kansas State than any other team has to this point, and I don't think WVU's defense shows up two weeks in a row. This one could be uglier, but I think Tavon Austin keeps them in it with a punt return TD.

Baylor at Oklahoma

FungoFrog: Baylor 17, Oklahoma 35- Baylor has some talent, but they have the losing disease. Once that disease sets in, it is all over folks. Turn out the lights in Waco, THEY GONE.

Angry Trey: Baylor 24, Oklahoma 42- Baylor is having a terrible season. The Bears defense allows 39.1 points per game. Although Oklahoma hasn't been the powerhouse some expected this season, they should have no problems moving the ball up and down the field.

Purple Wimple: Baylor 13, Oklahoma 55- Speaking of a little revenge, the Choklahoma Schooners will exact just that on the Baylor Bears, who suddenly are looking wistfully at bowl season, while developing a childlike need to find a big Santa to sit with, and ask, "Pweeze, Santy Kwaz, can we have a bowl game for Kwismas?" And the answer is: no, your presumptuous twits, you can't. Have a lump of coal, instead. Merry freakin' Christmas, and we'll see you in Fort Worth in 2013 for your next spanking.

Hawkeyed Frog: Baylor 24, Oklahoma 60- Ordinarily OU might be looking ahead to Bedlam, but after losing to Baylor for the first time in school history last year the Sooners will be wanting to put on a show for the visiting Bears this year. The Bears get the doors blown off, and this one is exactly as bad as it looks.

Jamie Plunkett: Baylor 24, Oklahoma 38 - Oklahoma is the biggest TCU fan this week, because a Kansas State win, coupled with OU losing to Baylor, clinches the conference for the Cats. Oklahoma will do their part, torching a horrific Baylor defense that just allowed almost 250 rushing yards to Kansas. KANSAS. And Baylor expects to slow down Damien Williams? Hell, they think they can stop Blake Bell? If I was Bob Stoops, I'd run a zone read with Bell and Williams every play. There's 500 rushing yards, easy.

Kansas State at TCU

FungoFrog: Kansas State 30, TCU 13- Throw out the Iowa State game, that was a fluke. TCU beats Baylor, a team that is bad and has proven itself to be so. TCU loses to Tech, a team that is just above average. TCU loses to Oklahoma State, a team slightly better than average as well. TCU barely beats West Virginia, but shouldn't have (we got lucky on the 90+ yard catch, be honest) and WVU is a bad team. So now, against the best Big 12 team in 2012, you expect us to win? Listen, I understand all the variables are there to blow up the Wildcat's season, but it just won't happen. No Gus Johnson, blackedout, FOX broadcasted and blimp overseen factors can spoil KSU, this year.

Angry Trey: Kansas State 28, TCU 31- Call me a homer, or call me what you want, but I think TCU pulls off the upset this week. The Frogs matchup well with Kansas State and if they protect the ball, they will win this game. In Deuce Boogie I Trust.

Purple Wimple: Kansas State 31, TCU 23- I really want to pick TCU to rise up and shake off the freshmen, and beat the Wildcats. But I just can't. TCU doesn't unfamiliar opponents with a lot of emotion; TCU makes mistakes; that's exactly the kind of team that cannot, will not, ain't any how gonna, beat Bill Snyder's crew. Three of the Wildcats' touchdowns will be non-offensive, and two of those will come off of TCU turnovers. Legatron will re-emerge as a viable scoring threat, but Trey Boykin will throw the game away at the goal-line, twice. Collin Klein will perform an Old Spice commercial on the field at half time, causing the female half of the student section to swoon, and the other half to feel distinctly inadequate.

Hawkeyed Frog: Kansas State 24, TCU 27- Jaden Oberkrom redeems himself by hitting the game winner as time expires, and Darrel K. Royal spins in his grave as once more TCU ruins a national title bid on his special day. Boykin only turns the ball over once in this one, and that makes all the difference in the world.

Jamie Plunkett: Kansas State 31, TCU 38 - I don't know why, but I feel really, really good about this game. That's dangerous, but with Klein's health in question and the Frogs coming off a big win in Morgantown, I feel like TCU has a little momentum all of a sudden. Boykin needs to play within himself, and the defense needs to stifle the run and force Klein to throw. Yes, Klein's passing game is vastly improved, but for some reason I still like our chances. We just match up really well.