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Hyundai Fanthropology: Tell Your Story, Win A Trip

Horned Frog fans, we have an opportunity for you to win an amazing trip... All you have to do is tell your story of why you are a crazy, amazing, fanatical fan. Do that, and you could be headed off to see TCU in the ________ Bowl!


Hyundai is pretty cool people... You know how I know that? Because they think your fandom and devotion to the Horned Frogs is worthy of recognition, and they have come up with a pretty good way of rewarding it: An all expenses paid trip to any game this year, including the national championship game.

Too good to be true? No, really, this is real. Here is what you get:

- Two Round Trip Airline Tickets

- Hotel Accommodations

- Two Game Tickets

Now, there is a qualification: You must be a crazy, lifelong, rabid fan of the Horned Frogs to be considered. Now, luckily, that is all of us! So here is what you need to do to be entered into the contest:

- Post your story in the comments of this post, describing why you are a devoted fan of TCU and any/all relevant stories and facts that detail why you are the best fan ever.

- We at FOW will select our favorite and contact you to build out your story further in a Q/A. This Q/A will be posted on FOW next week and entered to SBNation as our formal submission. If your fandom is the best, you win. Simple as that.

The story of my fandom starts with my sister (roughly five years older than me) when she headed off to school... TCU, to be exact. I admittedly had only known three colleges in my youth, my hometown Longhorns and my mothers favorite Hoosiers and Wolverines. But, since I had three teams, no single one ever took over as the primary, until TCU.

From day one, I was enamored with the Horned Frogs... Supporting the underdogs (as we always were back then) was fun, but having a personal connection to the team made everything that much more natural.

So, when I finally had to make my decision on a college, TCU was a natural fit and away I went. In my time at TCU, I spent two years working in TCU Athletics (as an intern), helping with just about every on campus sport along the way. But, one sport always stuck out more than others for me: Baseball.

Baseball had always been my favorite sport, more so than football or basketball, and I had been a crazy Texas Rangers fan since birth. But, TCU Baseball was my new love, with the connections that come with college sports attracting me in the same way they do you.

The story gets long at this point: I, the optimistic salesman, started shaking hands and meeting folks in the industry. I used to have a Texas Rangers podcast at the time which had my name out there already, my presence at TCU Baseball game only helped to further these relationships. Over the last five years, I have been extremely blessed to develop contacts that have made this fandom turn into something more, something deeper and more involved than I ever dreamt possible.

I love TCU Football, Basketball, Volleyball, Debate Club, all of the above... But, TCU Baseball is my passion, TCU Baseball in many ways is my job. One day, I will move on with life and TCU Baseball will be left behind, but I will never lose the friendships I have, the love of the game... Most of all, the history I have (in a small, small way) been a part of.

This, in a few words, is why I love TCU Baseball.

Now you have my reasons, what are yours?


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