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TCU Losses To Oklahoma: Post Game Analysis

The Frogs had a solid performance on defense, and the offense managed to make it interesting late, but it was just not enough to get the job done. The Frogs failed to protect the Carter, losing all four Big 12 home games.

R. Yeatts


Tough, tough game that I just finished watching on a delay. The few things that I want to touch on...

- The botched field goal call was tough, but the offense put themselves in the position where they needed that desperately. They shouldn't have been there.

- Overall, the defense looked ok. They created turnovers, but the pass rush was mostly held in check throughout the game.

- The offensive play calling was really bad, again. The second half came with some solid adjustments, I appreciated the effort towards throwing the ball down the field, but this TCU offense is just not good enough to score points right now without a passing attack.

Finally, you have to hate the late holding call on Foltz which brought back the touchdown. It was obvious, and Foltz probably could have let him go and it would have been ok, but he didn't and the rest as they say is history.

The Frogs now wait to hear their bowl fate, which could be any number of spots. We will wait and see.

Oh, and by the way, time to start practicing our right hook because that is apparently legal.




Frustrating, frustrating game. The playcalling was poor once more, and the personnel decisions were frankly baffling. We ran the zone read one time in the first half, gained eight yards and I didn't see us run it again. On senior day, Matthew Tucker gets five carries? Dean gets nine yards on a carry to the outside, gets one on a play where he was hit in the backfield and gets no more carries the rest of the game? Even if we do #FreeCaseyP next year without a bit more creativity and thought in the playcalls the TCU offense may struggle next year, and with the talent that we have on offense that's a damn pity. Why in games that we have Waymon James do we run Tucker 15 times and games where we don't we run him five times? What a waste.

Defensively we had a few breakdowns but managed to hold Landry Jones to a 55% completion percentage and 244 yards, but TCU just didn't get the breaks in this game. There was the OU fumble that was ruled down (which from the stadium looked like a bad call, the ball was in motion when he was brought down) and the possession ended up turning into 7 for the Sooners. Then there was the Boykin called incomplete pass then ruled fumble which looked close enough to not overturn on replay, but turned into a field goal for the Sooners. Finally on the final possession there was the (correct, but unnecessary) holding call which brought back the Boykin Touchdown run and what looked like a bad no call on the pass to Boyce on TCU's last play which had the stadium howling and booing. Those are the breaks in football though, and in this one they broke against the Frogs. As a result, the Sooners are heading to the BCS and TCU is likely heading to the Holiday Bowl or something similar. Next year TCU will have to hope it gets the breaks, or just score enough where the game doesn't turn on a replay or a thrown/unthrown flag. It's a loss to learn from and one to grow on for our very young team. Onto the bowl game.

The other FOW authors will stop by throughout the day to offer their thoughts in this post, check back frequently and feel free to leave your thoughts in the comments below.