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Frogs O' War Bowl Challenge

Test your college football savvy against the FOW writers in the Bowl Challenge.


Once again, we're hosting a College Football Bowl Challenge Pick 'Em league.

The group will be hosted on ESPN, and you'll find the information below.


Group name: Frogs O' War

Password: frogs

Here are the two basic rules, provided by ESPN. For a full list of rules, click here:

Essentially, you must rank each of your picks based on a confidences score, from 1 to 35, 35 meaning you are the most confident in that selected team to win. You'll use each number, 1 through 35, once (you'll see what I'm talking about when you get to the picks page.

As far as locking in picks, there will be a "rolling lock" for all entries. Each game will lock individually at the scheduled kickoff for each game. You cannot change your pick, or your confidence for that game once it has locked.

We're allowing an unlimited amount of participants, so spread the word!