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2012 Regular Season Review: Southern Methodist University

An ugly game in ugly weather against an ugly team produces an ugly win- but all wins against SMU are beautiful in their own way

Goodnight, Drunk Prince.  Until next season brings thee to wake
Goodnight, Drunk Prince. Until next season brings thee to wake
Cooper Neill

Watch it again

2012: TCU at SMU (via Fungo Frog)

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In Review

- Yes there was a rainstorm, but this was the first game that really showed how conservative the playcalling was going to be this season. 156 yards against a bad SMU defense, and that was with Casey Pachall.

- Speaking of Casey Pachall, man he was awful in this one. Below 50% completion percentage in the downpour made some fans actually hope that the passing game could improve when Boykin took over. Alas.

- The TCU defense went above and beyond the call of duty to take control of this game. Five interceptions of Garrett Gilbert. Less than 200 yards passing. 30 yards total on the ground for the mustangs, 21 of which came on a single run. Dominance.

- Matthew Tucker got hurt in this one and wasn't fully right again until late in the season (if he ever got there at all, based on his limited pitchcount). Two Doak Walker watchlist candidates down and we'd only played one conference game, and that against Big 12 cellar dweller Kansas. Ugh.