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Donation Drive For Emilie Parker

The recent tragedy in Newtown, Connecticut has effected us all in different ways. From a sports-related perspective, the story of this specific victim truly hit home, and I ask that you consider donating to the cause.

Jim Rogash

The recent tragedies that took place in Newtown, Connecticut have clearly touched all of our lives in one way or another. Some of us had family or friends who were affected, maybe relatives, but the majority of us have the "benefit" of simply watching in sadness the coverage, trying to put our lives and troubles in perspective.

As a baseball lover, one specific story of a victim has struck home with me. One of my friends on Facebook, Cormac Kelly, posted this picture of one of the victims of the tragedy.


Her name was Emilie Parker, and as you can see her father Robert enjoyed taking in a ballgame or two with this great young fan.

Sports often brings tragedy into parallels with ones life, adding context to sadness, and in this case as a lifelong fan of the Rangers (hat pictured here), it is hard to not feel true and utter sorrow that this young girl and her father will never get to enjoy the greatness of America's pastime together again.

This whole story has caught on at the SB Nation site Lone Star Ball, which is dedicated to the Texas Rangers. Adam Morris, who heads up the site, is collecting donations for the Emilie Parker Foundation, and I would love it if the Frogs O' War community could chip in as well. If you are interested, please PayPal your donation to adamjmorris @ You can read more about their efforts at LSB.

I dream of the day that I will bring my first son or daughter to their first Rangers game, teaching them about the intricacies of the double play or how to properly execute a hit and run... The fact that this dream has been taken away for Robert and his family just about breaks my heart. Please do what you can, and share this post on Facebook and Twitter (links below) as well.

If you do decide to give, please leave a note in the comments section, and feel free to share any thoughts you have as well.