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FOW Weekend Picks: Bowl Week (Dec. 29th)

The Frogs O' War writers take their best shot at predicting the outcome of the Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl between TCU and Michigan State

Jamie Plunkett TCU-13, Michigan State-10

This is going to be a low scoring game. No amount of preparation and time will allow the offenses to get a leg up on the defenses in this game, they're both too good. If you listened to our podcast from last week, you know that Fungo is nervous about the game coming down to a kick from Jaden Oberkrom, but I have faith.
Legatron, and the Frogs, will prevail.

Angry Trey TCU-17, Michigan State-13

It will be a close, defensive battle the entire way. The Spartans will have some success running the ball but not much else. The Frogs offense will come up with two key drives in the second half to take the lead and come away with another bowl game victory. I predict big games from Trevone Boykin and the TCU defensive line.

Fungo Frog TCU-35, Michigan State-17

Clearly, I am working off the assumption that TCU is the better team here and that Michigan State is way overrated on defense. Let's hope so, because I don't see a close game ending well for the Frogs. Boykin needs to be consistent, the running game must be established but I expect the over the top, down field passing attack to really be the big story Saturday. If Brandon Carter doesn't break 100 yards receiving, we lose.

Hawkeyed Frog TCU-24, Michigan State-17

I don't like either offense's chances too much in this game, but MSU absolutely must run the ball to have any semblance of offense and I just don't think they'll be able to do it on TCU's defense. TCU's superior punting and defense will end up setting up the offense with good field position all game, and the offense will capitalize just enough to stay ahead all game long. MSU will score at least one TD on a fake punt though, keeping our streak of ineptitude at stopping trick plays in bowls intact.