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Buffalo Wild Wings Bowl: TCU Horned Frogs vs. Michigan State Spartans Gamethread

It's our last football game of the year, closing out an exciting day of football as well as our inaugural season in the Big 12. Come on in and chat with your fellow frogs!

It's all about the Frog.
It's all about the Frog.
Brendan Maloney-US PRESSWIRE

College football season seems so short when we're in it, with just twelve opportunities (thirteen/fourteen in a good year) to watch your team play every game is important. Now, almost a month removed from our previous game, the Frogs will take the field for the last time in their inaugural Big 12 season. It wasn't the season we had hoped for, as scandal and injuries pulled the team down short of what our expectations were, but the team pulled together and put together a season that put us in a good bowl against solid competition. Keep a special eye on the few seniors on this very young team who will be playing their last game in purple today: Skye Dawson, James Fry, Corey Fuller, Matthew Tucker, Aundre Dean, Daniel Shelby and, of course, Kenny Cain.

Next year will be a great one for TCU, but we'll always remember our first year in the Big 12- let's make the memory a little fonder with a win tonight, guys. This is your gamethread.

Go Frogs!