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Rumor: Contract Extension and Raise In Place For Gary Patterson

This afternoon, word started to circulate that Gary Patterson had agreed to a contract extension, pay raise, and pay raise for assistant coaches that would keep him at TCU for the foreseeable future. The deal is not done, but it appears the final step is only a formality.


Earlier today on Horned Frog Blitz ($), primary site editor Jeremy Clark eluded to rumors that have been circulating since last Thursday that Gary Patterson had agreed in principle to a contract extension, raise, and significant salary raises for his full time staff.

This rumor has been floating around all weekend, and started to gain traction on several general message boards this morning.

Not to mention, reputable website The Football Scoop, confirmed that there was a very long extension for Gary Patterson currently in the works or completed.

A short time ago, this rumor was confirmed by FWST TCU beat writer Stefan Stevenson over Twitter. No terms have been released, but it does appear that the handshake deal is in place.

If true, one would imagine this would put to rest any chance of Gary leaving this offseason.

Good news, I for one am ecstatic to hear about this, no more worrying about Texas jumping into the mix.

And, for once, it is nice to have a pro-TCU rumor come true.