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Miss. Valley State Delta Devils @ TCU Horned Frogs

Time to get your minds off of the football team, as the BasketFrogs have one more opportunity to fine tune things before starting conference play


TCU is coming off of a win over Rice, hoping to dominate the boards and pick up a win over a bad Delta Devil team. The schedule is about to rocket up in difficulty for the frogs, as Texas Tech will be the next team to visit Daniel Meyer and will signal the beginning of Big 12 conference play. After Tech comes an Oklahoma State team in the top 25 as well as a Baylor team that's just fallen out of the rankings. Coach Trent Johnson will be putting on a full dress rehearsal for Big 12 play, and will be hoping to smooth everything out before the games start really counting. A big win will help us wash the taste of that awful game last night out of our mouths- Let's go frogs!