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TCU Basketball Must Focus on Little Things

Kevin C. Cox

The Frogs sit at 6-3 and although they have had some success this season, they have also struggled at times. The Frogs play really good defense, they are ranked third in scoring defense only allowing 52.6 points per game. The problem is not the defense, it's the offense.

TCU has scored less than 50 points in four of their nine games this season. They are ranked 337th in the country in points per game with 55.1. If the Frogs do not want to be embarrassed in conference play, they have to find a way to score more points. There are a couple of things TCU can improve to help make this squad more successful.

There has to be an emphasis on rebounding. Rebounding and playing defense is all about determination and want-to. The Frogs have been out rebounded in five of their nine games. In seven of their nine games, the opposition grabbed more offensive rebounds than TCU. Offensive rebounds are quick ways to generate easy points or at the least secure another possession for your team.

Another area I would like to see improved is the free throw shooting. The Frogs have shot 50% or less from the free throw line in four of their nine games. They have only had two games where the team shot above 70% from the line. For an offense that is struggling, you cannot leave that many points on the court.

TCU has also got to cut down on the turnovers. The Frogs have not played a single game where they have had ten or less turnovers. The Frogs have turned the ball over 13 times or more in six of their nine games this season.

If the Frogs can add solid rebounding and free throw shooting to their already stingy defense, they could improve a lot. I think Trent Johnson has the right strategy in place, but the Frogs will need to execute the little things better.