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Pre-Spring two-deep answers, and prompts, questions.

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Notes about the pre-spring depth chart that TCU released yesterday:

It appears Gary Patterson is going to give a couple walk-ons a chance at linebacker before he does anything drastic, like moving Austin Terry, Antonio Graves, Aundre Dean or LaDarius Brown. Joel Hasley, a new name to me, is listed as backup at one linebacker spot, and Danny Heiss is listed as backup at the other.

Heiss, from Aledo, has turned heads at safety more than once in practices. He’s a 6-1, 220 lb. sophomore. This move has potential.

Other interesting notes—Sam Carter gets the nod at a starting safety spot, replacing arrested Devin Johnson. The speculation that Elisha Olabode would return to corner is not reflected in the two-deep.

A curiosity on the defensive line: Matt Anderson is listed as a third-team end. This may have more to do with his medical status than his performance on the field. Expect him to rise on the chart by September.

One more walk-on is in the three-deep: Brian Alexis, at corner, opposite Kolby Griffin, also a third-teamer.