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Wisconsin-Milwaukee Panthers @ TCU Horned Frogs- CBI Tournament Round 1

Postseason basketball is being played in Fort Worth, Texas tonight Frog fans, so if you've been holding out on seeing our hoop frogs in action then tonight is the night to get to Daniel Meyer Colosseum and bring all of your energy. The opponent is the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, so we're out to continue to prove to the entire state of Wisconsin that we own them. The CBI may not be a Rose Bowl, but winning this game will keep us alive and keep getting our team more practices and more game opportunities that are key for the program going forward. If you can't attend the game tonight, perhaps because you're in another state (or another continent in my case) put the game on the radio- KTCU or find some way to watch the game online- Keep in mind that we can't endorse online streams of questionable legality on Frogs O' War, so please by no means should you Google the terms "tcu milwaukee-wisconsin TV" and click on one of the links labeled "Free online Stream" you'll find there to watch. Don't do that. That would be a darn shame. This is your open thread for the game, so feel free to comment on the proceedings at your leisure.