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Mid-Week Baseball Thoughts

TCU Baseball is getting ready for this seasons crucial push. <a href="" target="new">PHOTO BY KEITH ROBINSON</a>
TCU Baseball is getting ready for this seasons crucial push. PHOTO BY KEITH ROBINSON

This season has certainly been frustrating for the Frogs. But, as guys get healthy and "lack of experience" becomes less of an issue, this team appears to be getting things together at just the right time.

But ultimately, it will be the final 19 games which start next Tuesday against Louisiana-Monroe that really determine this teams destiny. Sure, it would be nice to have a six game winning streak going into those contests. But ultimately, the big Tuesday games vs. Texas A&M and Oklahoma will make or break this season for the Frogs as they get ready for tournament play.

My brief thoughts from last nights game after the jump...

- It was great to see Brandon Finnegan have success yesterday, coming in after Stefan Crichton's sterling, 48 pitch effort. Finnegan has worlds of talent and should be a great arm for TCU for years to come, but consistency has been a sticking point for him thus far. Two very solid innings out of him last night might go a long way to help his confidence.

- Travis Evans got into his first game of the year last night, something I have discussed some back at the old blog. Evans is the kind of guy who has the talent to be great, but has been held back by issues not necessary to address here. Needless to say, the guy could be a huge arm in the future for this team as he can bring velocity, movement and strong presence to the mound from the left side. He rocketed up draft boards as a senior in high school and if he can get his talent onto the field consistently he should do good things here as well.

- Jason Coats out with a strained oblique is not a big deal. He is being held out as a precautionary measure, I expect him to get back very soon.

- Great to see Kevin Cron get his first home run, just another marker in his comeback from an early season back injury. The kid hit bombs for a living in high school, he can do the same here but timing, confidence and strength have to come back. They will, with time, last night was a good sign.