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Thursday Morning Links

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Good morning from not-so-sunny San Francisco! My part vacation, part work trip is in full swing after a fun day of Frontier flights, free beer and an almost-fight on my flight...

Momentary rant: Why is it legal to bring a massive bag onto your plane, but it is not legal to bring 15 ounces of liquid?

Not much out there this morning, except for some news on the emerging college football playoff solution. I might have more on this later today.

Now, some links:

College Confidential: BCS inches closer to four-team playoff, so let the complaining commence
The news out of Florida Wednesday could mark a watershed moment in college football history. According to Bowl Championship Series executive director Bill Hancock (see picture below), conference leaders are closer than ever to deciding on a playoff format...

Horned Frogs Set For 118th Running Of Penn Relays - Texas Christian University Horned Frogs - Official Athletic Site
Following a solid showing at the 2012 Michael Johnson Dr Pepper Classic, the TCU track and field program will close out its regular season this week in Philadelphia at the 118th running of the historic Penn Relays.

Notes On A Scorecard - Texas Christian University Horned Frogs - Official Athletic Site
The latest from Athletics Director Chris Del Conte.

TCU tackling new challenges in the Big 12 - Dallas Colleges Blog - ESPN Dallas
By now, TCU's heard it all on the recruiting trail. You can't win there. Sure, they win games, but you'll never reach the BCS.

Who has the Big 12's best defense? - Big 12 Blog - ESPN
West Virginia ran away with our poll on the Big 12's best offense, but what about the other side of the ball? Who will have the Big 12's best defense?

College football's new playoff system won't be perfect, but it will be better - NCAA Football - Sporting News
More news and thoughts on a new BCS system.

Big 12 close to naming a new commissioner? - CBSSports
With Chuck Neinas' contract expiring on June 30, the Dallas Morning News reports the Big 12 has a "soft target" date to name replacement.