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Thursday Morning Links

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Good morning Frog fans, time for some morning links!

Baseball Hosts UNC Wilmington For Three This Weekend - Texas Christian University Horned Frogs - Official Athletic Site
The TCU Horned Frogs will take a break from league play when they host UNC Wilmington in a three-game series beginning Thursday night. The Frogs are in the midst of a season-long 12-game homestand.

Notes On A Scorecard - Texas Christian University Horned Frogs - Official Athletic Site
11,000 tickets sold through roughly 1/3rd of current season ticket holder accounts, and more news.

Haut Leaves TCU Women's Basketball Program - Texas Christian University Horned Frogs - Official Athletic Site
After 12 successful years as an assistant coach Tonya Haut has decided to step away from coaching at TCU to join her husband in Ohio, who is currently an assistant coach at Kent State.

TCU women's assistant leaving after 12 years | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News - Sports News on...
TCU assistant women's basketball coach Tonya Haut is leaving the program after 12 years. Also, college notes from around the country.

Time for TCU basketball to create buzz: Hire Jamie Dixon - Dallas Colleges Blog - ESPN Dallas
The departure of Jim Christian from the TCU basketball program to Ohio was well-timed for both the Horned Frogs and Christian. Now, they need to create some buzzzzzzzzzzzzz.

TCU's move to Big 12 could help land Pitt's Jamie Dixon | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports News - Spo...Commentary: Jim Christian wasn't the right fit for TCU basketball | Dallas-Fort Worth Sports ...
TCU needs a coach and salesman in basketball.