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REPORTS: Trent Johnson To TCU Is A Done Deal

Multiple sources, including ESPN and the Fort Worth Star-Telegram, have confirmed that LSU Head Coach Trent Johnson has agreed to take over the same role at TCU, effective immediately. The move will be announced early next week, likely Monday morning.

While details have yet to be hammered out, Johnson will likely still retain a base salary of at least seven figures, although he will likely have a smaller salary pool for his three full time assistants.

Johnson has taken all three programs he has coached: Nevada, Stanford and LSU to the NCAA Tournament. Twice, he was able to take teams to the Sweet-16.

Chris Del Conte reportedly reached out to Jamie Dixon earlier this week to discuss coming back to his alma mater, but reportedly was unable to meet Dixon's salary demands.

Here is a breakdown of revenue and salary numbers for LSU and TCU Mens Basketball, which provides some perspective of the differences currently in existence between the two programs. (2010-2011 FY)

School Head Coach Salary Assistant Coach Salary Pool Total Revenue Avg. Attendance
TCU $590,000 $300,000 - $400,000 $4,341,175 4,285
LSU $1,200,000 $650,000 - $800,000 $6,982,768 7,153