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Trent Johnson Will Make $1.4 Million Per Year At TCU

Several sources have told the Fort Worth Star-Telegram that Trent Johnson will make $1.4 Million per year at TCU, with the contract running through the 2017-2018 season.

Frogs O' War can still confirm that the total compensation package, including incentives and assistant coach salary pool could equal just less than $2 Million per year.

While TCU introduced their final choice today, he wasn't their first choice. Jamie Dixon was courted by TCU for a number of days, but TCU turned away when the two institutions could not work out financial terms of a deal, including a buy out of his current deal at Pittsburgh.

Trent Johnson will bring two assistant coaches, Brent Scott and Donny Guerinoni, with him to Fort Worth. Mitch Johnson, former Stanford player who was coached by Johnson, will join him as part of the basketball operations staff.

Johnson said he would be meeting with current players and staff immediately after the presser today, he also planned on calling all currently committed incoming players. No word on which, if any, staff members would be retained from the Jim Christian era. Former assistant Bill Wuczynski has joined Jim Christian at Ohio University.