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ESPN's post-spring look at TCU

Have these guys stopped hating TCU, now that the mtn. no longer has any claim on them?
Have these guys stopped hating TCU, now that the mtn. no longer has any claim on them?

TCU fans may have to shed their long (and justly) cultivated bias against ESPN, because the quality of the Dear World Leader's coverage of the Horned Frogs has taken a jump in quantity and quality, accompanying TCU's ascension into the Cartel. ESPN's post-spring look at TCU is... pretty good. (Maybe David Ubben reads Frogs o' War?)

Ubben hits the easy pitches-- lack of depth at linebacker, an embarrassment of riches at wideout, and the fundamental uncertainty that defines this season.

Complain about the question all you want, Frogs. It's not that anyone's beating it into the ground, it's that TCU hasn't had a chance to answer it. Fact: The Big 12 will be much more difficult than the Mountain West Conference. TCU brings back a good amount of talent that's built to have success in the Big 12 immediately. Can they do it, though? I'm betting yes, that TCU will flirt with double-digit wins.

He whiffs on another pitch, about the defense.

The loss to Baylor personified those struggles more than any game all season. Patterson wasn't happy with his secondary this spring, either. The bad news: There are lots of Baylors in the Big 12. The good news: Safeties coach Chad Glasgow is back after serving as defensive coordinator at Texas Tech for one season.

Yes, having Glasgow back is going to help. But the real news in the secondary is about two redshirt freshmen. Maybe David Ubben doesn't read FOW, after all. He'd know about Chris Hackett and Travoskey Garrett, and why they're a big deal-- maybe the big deal-- as TCU as it joins the Big 12.