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Report: Florida State To The Big 12 Heating Up?

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On the heels of a Chip Brown column posted earlier this week, the Big 12 expansion discussions appear to be heating up.

The issue apparently at the core of the move involves money, and the apparent fact that Florida State athletics is underfunded in its present state. A move to the Big 12, coupled with Tier 3 rights control, would present a much more stable financial situation for the Seminoles.

There are a number of unconfirmed reports on message boards that Florida State officials are meeting today in Austin with Big 12 officials to discuss a possible move, and that new Big 12 Commissioner Bob Bowlsby has officially opened talks with several schools about coming to the Big 12, including Clemson, Maryland, Florida State, Georgia Tech and Notre Dame. It is not clear which schools may be interested in the move, but it does appear Bowlsby is looking for the right two teams to add to the conference to bring membership back to 12.

This obviously is an evolving topic that we will likely hear more about in the coming weeks, stay tuned...