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Big 12 and SEC Agree to Bowl Matchup

According to, The SEC will "announce today an agreement with the Big 12 for their champions to meet in a to-be-determined bowl game if they are not a part of the anticipated four-team playoff beginning in 2014." What does this mean? It means a lot of things, and all of them are good.

First, this puts both conferences in a strong position. This is obviously similar to the Pac-12 and Big Ten agreement, but it will be way better. We have seen how successful the Rose Bowl has been, now when you matchup two teams who are actually good, you will create even more hype. When there is hype, there is money.

This is also very good for TCU. It obviously helps solidify the Big 12 Conference which had been on unstable ground in the past couple of years. It also creates another really good bowl option that the Frogs could play in if they aren’t part of the Final Four. Thank God for no more Poinsettia Bowl!

Now, there is a good chance that this matchup never really works out how it is intended, but I could see them having some type of arrangement like the Rose Bowl does. The biggest questions at this point are where will the game be played, and how does this affect the Fiesta, Sugar, and Cotton Bowl? It is looking like the Sugar Bowl would be the best bet, but as long as it’s not the Fiesta Bowl I will be happy.

This is just another reason to be thankful that TCU got into the Big 12 when they did.