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RUMOR: Chris Del Conte A Favorite For Stanford Job?

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Well, I can't say I am surprised. Chris Del Conte did a great job at Rice, a better job at TCU taking this athletics group to its highest level ever and I am sure he would do a great job in Palo Alto. While TCU is a good job, there is no denying that Stanford would be a better one and you can't fault Chris if he considers it (If, or when, they call).

Of course, as fans, the arguments will now start. Does Stanford pay more? Certainly, but TCU could easily give him a raise to $1 million or more (currently at less than $500k) to make up some of the difference. Chris has young girls that have been growing up in Fort Worth for a number of years now, but he is also currently selling his house here in Fort Worth (it is on the market).

I won't pretend to know what is in his mind, but I do know one thing: Chris would take a phone call from Stanford in a second. Then, Victor Boschini would counter with a great offer and tons of support. Ultimately, it won't be about money, it will be what Chris views as the best opportunity for his career and his family.

We shall see how this plays out.