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Getting to know U(niversities) Big 12 Expansion candidates: University of Miami

Could we see the Hurricanes dancing their jigs in the Big 12? (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Could we see the Hurricanes dancing their jigs in the Big 12? (Photo by Joel Auerbach/Getty Images)
Getty Images

With the wheels of realignment kicking into gear once again the only conference that has been consistently linked with expansion is ours, the Big 12. What does this mean? Firstly it means that the Big 12 is seen as a solid enough to be desirable to other schools, despite being the victim of the last two realignment raids, which is all good news from the TCU standpoint. Secondly, it means that there are a lot of schools out there who may covet entry into the Big 12 conference- which is all well and good, but what do we really know about these ACC schools and how attached they are to their conference, or which ones would be the best fit for the Big 12? Fortunately Frogs O' War is here to enlighten as we share some basic information and interesting facts about the universities rumored to be interested in Big 12 membership. Make the jump if you will and learn what there is to know about the fourth school to be investigated: The University of Miami.

Tale of the Tape: University of Miami Hurricanes

Stadium: Sun-Life Stadium (shared with the Dolphins)

Championships: 5 National Championships (1983, 1987, 1989, 1991, 2001), Nine conference championships

Conference History: Independent in 1927-28, Southern Intercollegiate Athletic Association from 1929-1941, left to become independent until 1990, Joined Big East in 1991, left Big East in 2003 to join the ACC where they remain.

Traditions: They invented running through the fog machine to enter the field- so we have them to thank for that.

Rivals: Florida State Seminoles and Florida Gators,

You may remember them from such TCU games as: Wins for the good guys in 1947, 55 and 77, losses in 46, 56, 62, 69, 76 and 92.- We should make sure that we don't have them as division crossover games in 2016- years that end in six aren't good for us.

Are they interested in making the jump?: Unlike Clemson and Florida State, who both have boards of trustees mentioning that they're not not interested with winks and all the subtle flirting of a fourth grader, Miami has seemed 100% ACC centered- apart from being mentioned as in contact with the Big 12 by our own Chris Del Conte.

Insisting on bringing any rivals with them?: Well, yes and no. If they come, they're coming with Florida State- everything the Hurricanes offer the Seminoles offer better (apart from total national titles). If somehow Miami came and Florida State did not the Hurricanes would earnestly try to continue the Seminoles in football. As for Florida, the Gators have already waved goodbye to scheduling the Hurricanes- but if Miami wants to convince the Gators to come to the Big 12 that would be one way to ensure they get an invitation.

Is the Big 12 their dream conference?: Miami is a small private school with high class academics and the president seems pretty set on prioritizing those academics since the school's football program has fallen on hard times of late. Miami is happy in the ACC it seems, but if Florida State leaves they'd likely be left without Florida State or Florida on the schedule and that's something that Miami may find untenable. They'd probably come if the Seminoles did, but not on their own.

Any factors we should count against them?: They might be getting nuked off the face of the earth for a year or two. Remember what happened to SMU, another small private school with high class academics and a history of football success when the NCAA came down hard? It's not hard to see that happening to Miami with so many other schools recruiting Florida hard now. Also for all their gusto they've never won the ACC or even their division- a black mark for a football bluechipper.