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SBNation BlogPoll: Preseason Fantasies

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Did I ever mention that I think pre-season polls are completely bogus? What are they based on? (Really, I'm serious; what are they based on?) But that's besides the point-- they're fun, and this year Frogs O' War is going to have its fun in a slightly less infuriating kind of way. Two of our writers are going to combine and average their respective ballots. Purple Wimple will still use The Rule, in all of its antagonizing glory; but HawkeyedFrog will mitigate PW's ballot with a more "normal" one, and with the magic of math (or, in this case, the beauty of Microsoft Excel) the weekly Frogs o' War contribution to the poll will be only half as bad as usual.

Let the games begin! Here's FOW's ballot in the preseason "poll." Commentary below the jump.

Now that we're averaging ballots over here, there is a genuine "also receiving votes" category, which for the preseason includes: BYU, Baylor, Oklahoma State, and Louisiana Tech. The first-place vote getters for FoW's ballot are Oklahoma and USC. Ties are not possible in SBNation's poll, but, FYI, LSU and OU tied here for 2nd, Georgia and Wisconsin tied for 5th, Michigan State and Ohio State tied at 12th, Stanford and Utah at 19th, and Florida and Texas at 23rd.