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Way Early TCU Betting Spreads

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Today, posted the Golden Nugget's opening college football spreads for 2012 and here are the ones pertaining to TCU.

Saturday, October 27- TCU at Oklahoma State (-9)
Saturday, November 3- TCU at West Virginia (-6)
Saturday, November 10- Kansas State at TCU (-3.5)
November 24/Thanksgiving- TCU at Texas (-7)
Saturday, December 1- Oklahoma at TCU (+9.5)

Not a lot of argument on these considering they are being put out so early. I think the bookmakers are actually showing TCU a lot of respect. Not sure why Oklahoma State is such a big favorite. There will obviously be some changes to these lines as the games approach. Just based off what I know right now, I like TCU’s chances against those spreads. I think you will see a lot of change in the OSU, Texas, and OU lines.