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MLB Draft: One Week Later, Looking Back/Looking Forward

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We are more than a week removed from the MLB Draft, and much has changed for the current and incoming TCU Baseball players who heard their name called out by a Major League team. For some men, their fate is as certain as the ink on the paper. For others, things are still up in the air. Let's take a look at each of the current and incoming players that were drafted last week and what their current status is.

Josh Elander: 6th Round to Atlanta (Signed, Est. $166,700 Bonus)
- He agreed to the deal pretty quick, which was not surprising. Atlanta has a history of sticking to slot bonus
amounts, so his bonus indicated here is a good guess. Best of luck to Josh!

Kyle Von Tungeln: 13th Round to Colorado (Not yet signed)
- The Rockies have been moving slowly with their draft picks, and I am sure Kyle and his representation are pushing hard for a good deal. With the way the 2012 Draft went, the first year with our new CBA, many college seniors were drafted between rounds 5-10 to serve as teams "low bonus" options. Kyle, with a solid 2013 campaign, could easily slip into this range next year and improve his bonus range by $10-25k. If he wants to take the risk, he could be back. But, expect Colorado to offer close to $100k this year to lock him down. With outfield experience and depth looking thin for 2013, this is something TCU fans should watch closely. Word could come soon on this front, stay tuned.

Kevin Allen: 23rd Round to Kansas City (Signed, Est. < $100k Bonus)
- Kevin didn't waste much time in signing, but I don't blame him. While one could make the argument that having JUCO guys stop by TCU for a year and then leave to go pro is bad for team comradery, I will argue it is a good thing for the Frogs. Attracting top JUCO talent, even if it is for a year, is a fine way to supplement a young team that is talented, but lacks a key JUCO positive: experience at this level of play.

Tyler Duffie: 27th Round to Milwaukee (Returning to TCU in 2013)
- Multiple sources told me earlier this week that Tyler is returning to TCU in the fall for his Junior (redshirt) year. Tyler will have to improve his command and earn back the trust of Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle to get back on the mound in 2013, but with his stuff he could be an impact, high effort guy for the Frogs.

Jason Coats: 29th Round to Chicago White Sox (Not yet signed)
- No word on Coats' status yet, I would imagine Chicago will watch him over the next month to see how he recovers from ACL surgery before making an offer. Hope to see Jason back on the field soon, Chicago got a steal IMHO.

Kaleb Merck: 33rd Round to Minnesota (Signed, Est. < $100k Bonus)
- This has not been formally announced, but several people around the TCU Baseball program have indicated Kaleb will soon sign and head off to Fort Meyers, the Gulf Coast League or Elizabethton to start his pro career. I don't have any feeling on this one personally as everything was given to me second hand, so we will wait for the press release.

Seven TCU commits were drafted:

Austin Aune: 2nd Round to New York Yankees (Signed, Est. $1,000,000)
- Would you believe me if I told you Austin was fairly close to falling out of the top ten rounds and, thus, signing with TCU? He was, in fact, closer to becoming a Frog than possibly anyone knew. The Yankees called on day 1 of the draft and made an offer, giving Austin the $$$ amount he wanted and, more importantly, the team he wanted. Best of luck Austin, in your future endeavors.

Jake Thompson: 2nd Round to Detroit (Signed, Est. $532,000)
- Jake was always considered to be an easy sign, his family wasn't exactly private with their intentions. Jake signed his contract yesterday in Florida after passing a physical, giving the Tigers yet another high ceiling, big velocity right handed pitcher who will likely be pushed aggressively in his first minor league assignment.

Austin Fairchild: 16th Round to Kansas City (Not yet signed)
- Austin is coming to TCU, the Royals have no room in their draft budget to go much over the $100,000 non-penalty maximum for picks during rounds 11-40. If this was 2011, Austin would be long gone.

Kody Eaves: 16th Round to LA Angels (Not signed)
- I am not going to say much here, but I had ONE (might be something, might be nothing) person tell me that Kody might just be amenable to signing. I haven't been able to confirm, and there are other "issues" in play so I will simply say: This isn't as big a slam dunk as I had previously thought. Stay tuned...

Tejay Antone: 22nd Round to New York Mets (Not yet signed)
- I thought TCU was a lock, now I don't know. Tejay will be playing a lot this summer with the Mets watching intensely. They might just have some room to go over the $100k threshold for him, and as I had heard some before the draft Tejay might very well listen to an offer. His play this summer will be critical to the Mets decision, we shall see what happens. One person familiar with the Mets drafting strategy this year: "We got a steal, and expect to lock him down. Otherwise, we wouldn't have used the pick."

Paul Hendrix: 32nd Round to Cleveland (Not yet signed)
- Paul will be a top 10 round pick in 2013, mark my words. Imagine Keaton Jones defense with Odell's bat (if he is healthy, and back to 2011 form).

Alex Young: 32nd Round to Texas (Not yet signed)
- Alex was the best pitcher in Illinois last year, and in three years will go high in the draft. Can't wait to see him in


Mitchell Traver: 39th Round to Houston (Not yet signed)
- Mitchell had successful surgery to relieve his current condition, Thorasic Outlet Syndrome, on Thursday morning. The procedure to remove his first rib, called a Rib Resection and Scalenectomy, went off without a hitch. Mitchell likely won't throw until the early fall, but he will likely see an increase in velocity, stamina and feel in his pitching arm when he does, making him an even more lethal weapon.