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KANSAS WEEK: The Rotund Ones We Love

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It's KANSAS WEEK at Frogs O' War, where Charlie Weis is our favorite corpulent chap to hate come September.
It's KANSAS WEEK at Frogs O' War, where Charlie Weis is our favorite corpulent chap to hate come September.

Second in Frogs O' War's twelve-week countdown to opening day is Kansas Week. Kansas will be TCU's first Big 12 opponent to play TCU in a conference game since November 18, 1995, in Austin, when Texas beat TCU 27-19. In the 16 years, 9 months, and 28 days between the two games, the Horned Frogs will have played 197 football games, winning 139 of them (for a very snappy .706 winning percentage). Fourteen of those have been against current-Big 12 members, TCU winning eight. To celebrate those eight, and in all probability the ninth Big 12 win in September, here are eight Rotund People we all love, and a ninth we love to hate, Kansas's current head coach, Charlie Weis.

Santa Claus. Who can hate a guy who's bringing you goodies for bowl season?


Nobody tells it to you as straight as Chris Christie; even New Jerseyans love him.


Chris Farley. There simply aren't words.


Paula Deen, who has something tasty in the kitchen for you right now, y'awl.


Oliver Hardy, comprising almost all I know about the 1930s (or is it the '20s?), except that pesky Great Depression or World War...


Aretha Franklin, known less for fashion than singing.


Mark Mangino. Ah, at last we return to football. This guy got a bad rap, and I hope he gets another chance to out-scheme and out-develop his competition somewhere. He's like a larger Gary Patterson-- known to yell, and to win.


Sly Croom-- as far as I could tell, based one watching exactly one game with a Croom-coached team, everybody liked Croom, partly because he didn't follow Mark Mangino's footsteps and threaten to overturn the sports hierarchy at his school, and the football hierarchy in his conference.


And last, but not least, the current Big Man On Campus in Lawrence, the Jayhawk du jour, and the next Big12 coach to lose to TCU, Charlie Weis himself. See you in September, Chas. Not even Dutch Meyer won as often as that short, hoarse fella' who's going to shake your hand after beating you. Take notes; you might learn something.