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Why Isn't the College World Series More Popular?

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I had a friend pose this question on Twitter the other day and I have been thinking about it ever since. Why isn’t the College World Series more popular? Obviously football has become very popular in this country, but baseball is still considered "America’s Pastime" and there are still a ton of baseball fans. When you look around and see how popular college football and basketball are, it kind of shocks me that college baseball doesn’t draw more attention.

I have been discussing this topic with a few people lately and there are a few common responses that come up. Some say it’s because college baseball is too regional. Most of the good college baseball is played in the south or out west similar to how hockey is much bigger up north. Others say it’s because the sport lacks "stars." Even if a team does have that star player like a Purke or Strasburg who get drafted, they disappear for a few years before you see them in the pros. Another common response is that the format is hard to follow. Does the average person even know what a regional and super regional are? I doubt it.

So why do you think college baseball isn’t near as popular as college football or basketball? Vote and leave your comments below.