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July First- Big 12 day.

Today is the day.  (Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images)
Today is the day. (Photo by Brandon Wade/Getty Images)
Getty Images

"They'll invite TCU to join the Big 12 when hell freezes over"- HawkeyedFrog, 2010.

The day that many of us thought would never come has arrived, July 1st 2012 will always be known in frog fandom as the day of the Big 12. What legacy these frogs will make for themselves in the Big 12 is still to be determined- national champion? Conference champion? Fringe bowl team? Baylor-esque? None can say with any certainty what TCU will be like in ten years. What can be said for TCU that cannot be said for our friends to the south in Waco or to the east in Dallas is that we earned it. We fought and clawed our way up from the ashes of the Southwest conference after being left for dead by our decades long rivals. We built a program in the WAC, Conference USA and the Mountain West, collecting honors and conference championships as we went. Despite the lofty poll positions, ten win seasons and even BCS bids there was a still a hole in the hearts of TCU fans- we weren't doing it in the league we wanted to be in. We weren't beating the teams that we wanted to beat to win those titles. We were still outcasts who didn't get a shot at the national championship in two of our finest seasons- when I will argue to the death that we would've beaten the hell out of Oregon or Auburn. While reports came in of conferences split asunder, born anew, then split again the frogs simply did what they've always done. They kept fighting, kept winning, kept clawing forward until the impossible happened. The Big 12 survived and invited TCU to be a member, and the day of official inclusion is now here. Whatever lies ahead for the frogs in the future, we will be playing the teams that we want to play, and if we go undefeated in this conference no one will say we're not worthy to be playing for the national championship. We are now officially a part of the Big 12. Hell has indeed frozen over. Now let's fight 'em on the ice.

Feel free to share your Big 12 thoughts in the comments. Let's celebrate- Go Frogs.