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TCU Baseball Loses Big Arm To 2012 MLB Draft

Austin Fairchild decided to go pro, leaving TCU behind. (PHOTO COURTESY OF <a href="" target="new">Kevin B Long/</a>
Austin Fairchild decided to go pro, leaving TCU behind. (PHOTO COURTESY OF Kevin B Long/

TCU Baseball was able to survive the 2012 MLB Draft mostly unscathed, with only a few guys signing contracts with professional teams. Compared to other Texas/Big 12 teams, TCU came out sitting pretty with all the major parts of their class still intact. But, late last week, a fourth commit decided to go pro: Monster LHP Austin Fairchild.

Right after the draft I stated that Fairchild was one of those guys who would only sign if his drafting team was willing to go way over the $100k cap for his services. Well, the Royals did just that, using up more than $250k of pool money (Total Bonus: $350k) to land Fairchild, ultimately running the Royals total bonuses over their 2012 cap and exposing them to a penalty (75% of overage). The penalty, which will likely total $111,375, will go into MLB's revenue sharing pool for the 2012 year but will not effect the Royals 2013 draft pool or picks.

Essentially, the Royals were willing to allocate $460k+ to Fairchild in order to bring him on board, a surprising result but not that crazy or unexpected given his talent level. Fairchild joins Austin Aune, Jake Thompson and Kody Eaves as 2012 TCU Commits who decided to sign and go pro instead of attend school.

While it would have been awesome to get Fairchild to campus, you have to still be happy with the crop of talent we did get. A bunch of high upside, high velocity arms and some solid position players who could play immediately for Head Coach Jim Schlossnagle. With an 18 member class (seven were drafted) and only four lost, all is still rosy for Frog Baseball.