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Commit #12 In The Books: CB Ranthony Texada

CB Ranthony Texada joins TCU's 2013 class, and its all-name team.

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What are chances Ranthony Texada wins TCU's 2013 signing class Name of the Year award? He's one of the best cornerbacks in the metroplex, and reports he has verbally committed to TCU this afternoon. Texada (pronounced "Tay-HA-da") is a senior at Centennial High, Frisco, and is 5-9, 160, and fast as the blazes. He joins Steve Wesley (Arlington Bowie) at corner in TCU's 2013 class, and is the sixth defensive player to commit to Gary Patterson's team so far this cycle.

According to the HFB report: Texada spent the majority of his time Friday was Arlington Bowie cornerback Steve Wesley. The two envisioned their opportunity to form one of the best secondary units in the Big 12, Texada as the field corner and Wesley as the boundary. “We were saying it’s going to be fun getting to play together,” he said. “We were excited especially since the Big 12 is pretty much a passing league. We’re going to have a lot of opportunities to make some big plays.