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BAYLOR WEEK: the Legacy Admission

Sixth up in 2012 on TCU's football schedule are the Baylor Bears of Waco, last seen upsetting the Frogs to open the 2011 season in one of the most memorable games of the season, and of the very long series between the two schools.

There are two primary reasons I am looking forward to playing in the Big 12. The first is beating Texas. The second, only a whit behind the first, is beating Baylor. The Baylor Bears had nothing but snobbery for the Frogs ever since Ann "Poor George" Richards somehow talked the Bears into the Big 12 at its inception. Baylor was a legacy admission into the Big 12 and has never known it.

TCU didn't merit inclusion, and flunked out, fair and square. And then, while earning its way back in, suffered endless smack talk from Waco.

And now the Horned Frogs sport a shiny new full-ride scholarship, extra mileage from its trip around the block (think of it as an impressive internship on the application to football grad school), and a black eye from last season's encounter with the Baptists.

October 13 can't get here soon enough.