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What can one say about Texas Tech and TCU? The two have played twice since the bad old days, for an average score of about 37 to 24, advantage Tech. Rarely does an average mislead so violently. There’s been regime change in Lubbock since then, too, so old stats probably don’t tell the story much, anyway.

But the scoreboard that Frog fans have had on Raider fans since 2006 has been one of the sweetest rejoinders in Texas for a few years. To start Tech Week at Frogs o’ War, let’s just re-live some of the joy that prompts it.

"12-3, sand-aggies."

All photos by Keith Robinson. Used with permission.

Best of all, I remember this game as the first time I ever saw TCU fans generate a big-time game atmosphere. It rocked all afternoon.


Just as fun was seeing TCU's defense smother the vaunted Air Raid attack.


What? Tommy Blake's not in that particular sack? Well, he's in this one:


A new frog fan recently asked me who my favorite Frog was. That was a tough question; but I settled on Tommy Blake. (Keep in mind, I came to TCU football the year after LT.)

Who remembers this pass breakup by Eric Buchanan? It was one of the few long passes that Tech attempted.


Of course the Marvin White hit late in the game gets lots of attention; it should. It's a focus late in these highlights: